Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Objects of my affection by Jill Smolinski

Lucy Bloom is broke, freshly dumped by her boyfriend, and forced to sell her house to send her nineteen-year-old son to drug rehab. Although she’s lost it all, she’s determined to start over. So when she’s offered a high-paying gig helping clear the clutter from the home of reclusive and eccentric painter Marva Meier Rios, Lucy grabs it. Armed with the organizing expertise she gained while writing her book, Things Are Not People, and fueled by a burning desire to get her life back on track, Lucy rolls up her sleeves to take on the mess that fills every room of Marva’s huge home. Lucy soon learns that the real challenge may be taking on Marva, who seems to love the objects in her home too much to let go of any of them.

While trying to stay on course toward a strict deadline—and with an ex-boyfriend back in the picture, a new romance on the scene, and her son’s rehab not going as planned—Lucy discovers that Marva isn’t just hoarding, she is also hiding a big secret. The two form an unlikely bond, as each learns from the other that there are those things in life we keep, those we need to let go—but it’s not always easy to know the difference.

Tifferz Take~
I want to say first off that the cover of this book is so cute and fun! I was sold on this story by the cover and blurb and Ms. Smolinski pulled off a cool story. Lucy is a mom that loves her son and seems to let tragic things pass her by. I think for her to cope she puts up walls. I saw Lucy grow as a Mom, friend and lover. It was nice to see her take the steps she needed. I was laughing as Lucy and Marva get to know each other and develop a friendship. Daniel is a great guy and Nelson cracked me up. I also was pleased with Marva and her growth and healing she has to patch up with Will.  Ms. Smolinski also throws in twists that had me feel an array of emotion! I really liked this story. I hope that Ms. Smolinski will keep writing. I felt Ms. Smolinski could keep this story going. I had plenty of closure but I still want more. I want to know more about Lucy, Daniel and Ash. I look forward to reading more by Jill Smolinski.

FYI~ this does contain a few swear words and some foreplay

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