Monday, September 24, 2012

Lost Indian Gold by Robert G. Rogers

Spud, an eleven year old, gets hopelessly lost in the swamp, but makes himself a camp and sets out to survive. While he's surviving, he has a confrontation with a hungry alligator and some close shaves with two bullies, even takes a swim in an underground river. But, his luck isn't all bad. He makes friends with two girls his age, Laura and Suzy. Not only that, he overhears the bullies talk about gold buried someplace in the swamp, maybe on a sacred island. That gold would mean a new farm for his Mama and Papa. They had just been evicted.

The girls and Spud team up with an Indian man and his son, Cricket, to find the gold. Spud finds the "sacred island," but no gold. Just some old leather skins marked with strange symbols. Then, thanks to the two bullies, he ends up in a traveling circus as a "wild boy." And, something happens that makes him believe he knows exactly where that gold is buried. Laura and Suzy help rescue him and they head into the swamp to find the treasure. Unfortunately, the two bullies are close on their trail.

Tifferz Take~
I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure that Spud unexpectedly embarked on. I thought Spud was clever and made due with what he was dealt. I liked when Spud met Laura and Suzy and then fell in the lake when he caught the fish. I also liked the hunt for the gold. The story also had a few surprises along the way.

The downside is the time frame I think was a little off. It took place September to November and it felt like it was still summer. I think it would have been better taking place June to September. I recall Spud only wearing shorts and shirtsleeve shirt. I would think the rivers and Spud would have been cold. I also wish more  detail was given on wear Spud got the materials needed to trap rabbits.  This was a very fun story that I enjoyed. I also think my daughters 12 and 10 would also enjoy this read.

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