Wednesday, September 19, 2012

For Love of Angel by J. Adams

Angel Hughes was only a year old when her parents were killed in an airplane crash while traveling from England to the United States for a vacation. Her mother's aunt moved into their flat and raised Angel, showering her with all the love she could. But despite the love Angel felt for her aunt, she still missed her parents.

In time, the little girl grew into a beautiful and accomplished young woman with a musical talent that everyone declared was a gift. One day Angel meets a young man from the United States who completely captures her heart.

Wanting Angel to be a part of his life, Mitchell Greenland convinces her to attend college in his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. Little does Angel know how her decision to move to the states will affect her life, nor could she ever guess the joys and pains that await her.

Tifferz Take~
A beautiful story of young love! Angel and Mitch have love at first sight and become inseparable. She goes to North Carolina from England to study. She meets Ian Crawford and they have an instant connection. It was fun to find out what happened. Ms. Adams has captured a thought provoking romantic tale along with a little mystery. If you like a sweet romance then I think you will love this story. I sure did.

Just FYI this does not contain any swearing or sex.
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