Friday, September 7, 2012

A Very Southern Affair by Elaina Lee

Convinced everyone she falls in love with will end up six feet under, Hollee isn’t looking for a relationship when Mr. Kaiden Thorne shows up in front of her bridal agency. She’s just looking for a way to save her small southern town from going bankrupt, and he’s the only person who can make sure that happens. Hollee is in for more than she bargains as her attraction to Kaiden takes over and the city begins to show just how far they’ll go to make sure big changes don’t come to their small town.

Kaiden agreed to come to the tiny community for one reason: To salvage what’s left of his career. Mistake’s begin repeating themselves the second he lays eyes on Hollee, however. If he can’t make the project work and keep his hands off her, his second chance will be gone forever. He learns quickly though, he’ll need patience in more ways than one when it comes to Belleville, Alabama.

Tifferz Take~
First off I think the cover is so cute and the story as well. I was cracking up with all the creative things that happened to Kaiden. I also was laughing at some of the things Hollee does. Like the vintage dress and the bridesmaids dress. I can still imagine Kaiden's face when he rolls into this small town in Alabama and finds an interesting welcome from the town he will probably never forget. You will just have to read the story to find out. I thought the end was the best. I always love a story that leaves you happy and maybe a little giggly.
I did find that some questions did not get answer resolved. Like did Hollee every tell Kaiden about what really happened with Teddy. I think that it is important in a relationship. She seemed to avoid the topic. I would really like to have Estelle's story told. I want her to have a happy ending as well.
Just FYI this book does contain detailed foreplay, sexual situations before marriage and swearing.
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