Friday, August 10, 2012

Time to Bury the Past by Anne Ashby

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder forces American Naval Officer Zane Erickson to re-evaluate his life. A posting to untroubled New Zealand, after years in Afghanistan, should allow him to bond with his motherless teenage son. Unfortunately Cody doesn't share his father's enthusiasm for this new living arrangement. Kelsey Hewitt is a single mother wrestling with her son's drinking problem. She struggles to keep the truth about his abusive father from him and is determined to exclude men from her life. As Kelsey and Zane are drawn together by the boys' friendship, they each have compelling reasons to avoid any possible intimacy. Through dealing with their sons' dilemmas, their attraction for each other deepens. Can Kelsey risk allowing another control freak into her life?

Tifferz Take-
Time to Bury the Past is a brilliant read. I picked it up and would not and could not put it down till the last word was read. So, far this is my favorite book by Anne Ashby. The story is realistic. I felt like I was reading about a friend.  I instantly like Kelsey right off. Zane on the other hand I was not so sure about but once I got to know him better. I was good with Zane. Dan and Cody are typical teenagers but they have a set of different problems.  Kelsey, Zane, Dan and Cody all have demons they need to deal with. I love  how they have to work on the problems and they just don't magically disappear.  Ms. Ashby does an awesome job of drawing you into the story and developing the characters.  I will admit I felt an array of emotions while reading Time to Bury the Past. Such as happiness, sadness, anger,disappointment, heartache, frustration, joy, understanding, relief and I even cried. I have a huge respect for the military world wide and I thank them and the ones the love and leave behind. This is a must read book and I will be reading this beautiful story again and more from Ms. Ashby she has some serious skills. If you have not check out Ms. Ashby check out her books!

just fyi this does have a handful of swear words and some descriptive touching. All sex is behind closed doors.

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  1. Hi, Thank you so much for an amazing review. You've blown me away with your words of praise. I love to write about characters who are flawed and far from perfect, I think Zane fits that criteria exactly.I'm so glad you came to like him as his story unfolded.