Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Melissa's dull life is turned upside down when cynical Peter Darcy mistakes her for her frivolous flatmate, Sonia. Sonia is Peter's cousin and Melissa is immediately caught up in the sinister battle over their family business and is persuaded to maintain the deception to shield Sonia from a rift with her dying grandmother.

Tifferz Take-

Ms. Webb has created a fun light hearted romance with some of the unexpected. Melissa is such a likable heroine and Peter is an unexpected distraction. Melissa is not sure how she feels about Peter. Melissa then starts rethinking her current relationship. I think Sonia is fantastic but throw in the Davenports, a nurse, lawyer, doctor and a very sick grandma and you are in for a delightful read with lively characters. Who will Melissa pick? Who will Sonia end up with? If you want to know pick up The Lonely Heart a contemporary romance.

Fyi this does not contain any swearing or sex.

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