Saturday, July 28, 2012

Silver (The Silver #1) by Cheree Alsop

Silver, book one of the Silver Series, is a coming of age story about a teenage werewolf whose father is murdered. He has to come to terms with his new life, new school, and new friends while trying to prevent more killings. Attempting to make peace with the territory’s pack and falling in love with a werewolf hunter’s daughter make his new situation even more perilous.

Tifferz Take-
This is not your ordinary werewolf story and I am so glad that the next book is already out so I can jump right in and read it cause I am hooked on this series. Silver is a page turner that had me up past my bedtime because I did not want to put it down.  Jaze is a really down to earth guy that has experienced some hard things in the last month. I think Ms. Alsop was realistic in how Jaze deals with the trails set before him. It touched  my heart how he looks out for his mom.  Nikki is a little rebel and needs a good friend. I like how Jaze and Nikki form a friendship first. I also like that it is not perfect and that people need to say sorry when they mess up.  I also thought the ending was perfect. But, if I had to wait to read book two I might have died waiting. I think Ms. Alsop was brilliant in her weapons she uses in her book and I loved when Brock a friend of Jaze tells his driver test story. I was cracking up. This story was awesome, faced pace with lots of action and a sweet romance on the side. It does contain some violence that is tastefully written. But, does not have any swearing or sex. I really think my daughter would like this series and she is 12. I am off to read book two!

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