Friday, July 20, 2012

Imperfect Beauty by E.A. West

A visit to the Highland games goes awry for Alasdair Buchanan when his cousin abandons him in the crowd. His guide dog is terrible at describing the sights, but he does a great job of finding the river. Too bad Alasdair has no clue where that river is in relation to his cousin’s apartment.

When Trisha Wright stops to speak with him in her angelic voice, Alasdair is certain his cousin did him a favor by abandoning him. Trisha loves the Scot’s flirtatious ways and basks in his compliments, but she can’t shake the fear that he’ll hate her when he learns the truth about her—a truth everyone can see but him. 
Tifferz Take-
Imperfect Beauty is a compelling story that will warm your heart and inspire you. There is a definite spark between Alasdair and Trisha. Ms. West does an impeccable job pulling the reader into the story and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I enjoyed the descriptive details that were included.  I did think we needed more info on Trisha. It seemed most of the dialogue was about Alasdair. This is free of swearing and sex. Overall a delightful read.
source: publisher for review
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