Sunday, July 29, 2012

Black (The Silver Series Book 2) by Cheree Alsop

Black, the second book in The Silver Series, is about a werewolf raised through the atrocities of a werewolf fighting ring. He is rescued and given the chance at a new life, but haunting reminders of his past follow him as he tries to make a fresh start. He has to confront his dark history in order to protect the girl he loves, or let himself be swept away into the pain and humiliation of the arena once more.

The second book of a fresh new werewolf series, Black is fast paced, dark, and shows that love is something worth fighting for.

Tifferz Take-
I literally tore through this book and boy does it pack a punch. I have to hand it to Ms. Alsop she is very creative and know how to create a riveting, heart pounding story. It broke my heart to see what Jet went through as a child. It is tough not having any choices in life. It was interesting to see how Jet once given  choices, how he reacts and the choices he makes on his own. We do get to see how people/werewolf's can change given choices.
 I really liked the dynamics of the wolf packs. How they have protective instincts. It was great to meet some new werewolf's and see how things are going for Jaze, Nikki and Chet from book one. One thing I found had to follow is the time line. I felt is really was not clear how much time has passed and I thought Jet was much younger before he meets Jaze. But he is actually around 17. Other than that a super read. For your info this does contain violence and bloody fighting. But does not contain sex or swearing.
This is a series you will not want to miss out on.
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