Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Besotted by Jacqueline Gardner


After escaping the grasp of a serial killer, Bridget begins school at Hartfield Manor. But going to school with other teenage mind-readers turns out to be nothing but complicated. Upon arrival the headmaster gives her an alarming warning, the Coven is plotting something deadly, and on top of that she has caught the eye of the hottest guy at Hartfield. Too bad his older brother threatened her to stay away or else.

And then there's Terrence. Bars aren't enough to stop him.

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Watched

The chilled air filled my lungs as I walked with my hands in my pockets, composing a letter to Emma in my head.

Dear Emma,

My first day of school went okay understatement. I met a lot of interesting people like me. A guy, and a couple of girls that seem chill though not exactly drama free. Of course, hanging out in my dorm with them isn't the same as hangin' with you and Rory. What's up with Rory by the way? I haven't heard from him yet. Still as annoying as ever I bet, but you know I don't mind it (don't tell him I said that).

I'm guessing the only thing you took from that first part was 'I met a guy'. Don't get too excited. Yes, he's definitely what you're imagining but the bad news is he's my type - hard to read and probably a jerk. I'll be steering clear easier written than done. I'm here to be trained, not to find a boyfriend.

The Professors are . . . not what I expected. Something crazy: I think one of them might have known my dad or knows someone that knew him. Yeah. Haven't really brought that up yet. It's not something I can really slip casually into a conversation. Speaking of that quiz coming up, did you know my father? But I guess I have time, right? And by the way, one of my classmates might be a powerful Coven member sent here to either kill me or recruit me. But I'm only like 92% sure.

More details later (I promise),


A cool breeze hit my face and my nose was filled with the scent of baked goods and fresh cut flowers. I'd reached the tiny village just down the hill. It contained one row of shops, a market, an inn, and a small neighborhood of town houses. I walked across the quiet sidewalk, staring at each brick building. The different shades of tan all came together creating storefronts of faded browns. Each shop had an individual color scheme on its sign. A bucket of colorful tulips sat outside the floral shop.

I strolled farther down the street, stopping when the smell of cigarette smoke made me cough. I turned my head and cleared my throat.

"Bored already?" I could barely make out Dylan's face behind the cloud of smoke. The same familiar jolt of electricity lit a spark in my brain when I looked at him. He leaned against the brick wall around the corner from the floral shop. My chest froze as I nervously eyed his black trench coat and the black strands of hair laying flat over his eyes.

"Maybe," I replied, deciding to play it cool. "Should you really be smoking here? You might kill the tulips." He grinned. A public place. Stay in a public place.

"Let me guess," he said, blowing out a puff of smoke. "Hartfield wasn't what you expected."

"Was it what you expected when you got here?"

"Ah no," he chuckled.