Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Togetherness Routine by Pearce

Some relationships are meant to be - but why doesn’t your family understand? If you have been going with someone since kindergarten and grown up together and it feels so right, it must be right. To split up leaves a big gaping hole in your life that feels very wrong. Nobody can possibly understand what you are going through when you are so alone and isolated. Why do families think they can be of help when they have caused your life to mess up in the first place?

Tifferz Take-
I think that Ms. Pearce has done an outstanding job of capturing the characters in this book. I felt like Gail acted like a normal fourteen year old girl. I could see her point of view perfectly. I also thought that her mom and step father were looking out for her and I would have done something similar as a parent. I did like the dynamics with Kelvin and Garry. Such a fun book that had me laughing, getting misty eyed and just plain happy. I am still thinking about this story many days later. I think that Ms. Pearce should write book two as I would love to see how things play out for Gail. I would recommend this fantastic story that left me happy but wanting more.

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