Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Sound of Love by J. Adams

On the afternoon of her father's burial, nineteen-year-old Talisa Tova is expelled from hTer home by her stepmother. With secret preparations made ahead of time by her father and the emotional support of her stepbrother, Talisa moves on and shapes a life for herself. But her bruised heart is trapped in self-preservation mode, and though she still dreams of one day opening it to someone, her partial deafness convinces her to accept a life without love.

All of this changes when free-spirited Dylan Thomas enters her life.

Dylan Thomas owns the heart of a poet, a trait inherited from his parents, both of whom idolize the works of Dylan Thomas, Lord Byron and Yeats. Having gone through a nasty divorce two years ago, Dylan thought his heart would be closed forever. But that was before his friend introduced him to his sister. The moment Dylan meets Talisa, she claims his heart and his life is changed forever.

Talisa and Dylan still carry hurts that cut deep. Will love give them the strength to heal each other?

Tifferz Take-

You can never go wrong with a story by J.Adams. She creates an emotional and heartwarming story that pulls you in. Jewel will leave you with a happy ever after. Do you believe in love at first sight? Can love heal? You will have to read The Sound of Love to find out. This is a Cinderella retelling that is a novella. It is just right if you only have a little time. I just needed a quick fix during lunch and was left with a smile. I liked how Jewel make this story her own. I like the music and poetry combination. It just seemed to work and is different. This is a clean read no sex or swearing.
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