Friday, June 8, 2012

Sarah's Bounty by Terri Crews

There are some things money can’t buy…

It was no better than kidnapping! Besides, women came with too many issues. Dubious, T.J. Blake refuses the request to retrieve the daughter of a wealthy widow. But when the tune of five thousand dollars dances in his ears, he quickly changes his mind. Surely this woman’s daughter can't be as bad as her snobbish mother. And if she was, he’d have the rope ready.

There’s only one condition to retrieving the stubborn beauty in question—Sarah is to be delivered untouched. After a lifetime of dealing with outlaws of the worst kind, surely Blake can escort one woman across the country without giving into temptation. He has five thousand reasons to ensure it will be an easy task. But Blake doesn’t bank on the value of his heart being worth far more than Sarah’s Bounty...

All that Sarah knows changes the night she is grabbed. Filled with questions, anger and hurt at discovering her whole life has been a lie, Sarah resolves to find out why her natural mother would abandon her to be raised in a saloon while she lives a life of luxury.

To gain the answers she seeks, she calls a truce with her kidnapper, agreeing to follow his rules. To ward off suspicion, they pretend to be man and wife. But how far will the role go? Why couldn’t her captor have been hideous? Blake causes stirrings in Sarah she’s never felt before and soon she has a request of her own. Only when she’s denied the second kiss she’s so curious about does she face the truth—is the promised payout worth more to Blake than her love?

Tifferz Take-
This is a sweet story about forgiveness, second chances, first love mixed with mystery and some creepy and not too smart villains. This story has so unexpected surprises I was not expecting!  I love how feisty Sarah is and yet she is really strong mixed with some stubbornness. I also love that she is quick to forgive.
Amanda has had to make some tough choices in life and has learned from them. I think she is very stubborn. I like when she gets her wake up call.
Blake I can't think of anything I don't like about him! The witty banter between Sarah and Blake will put a smile on your face. I also love that Sarah will stand up for what she believes in.
This story is wonderful and I was happy and sad when it ended. I felt like I was saying goodbye to some good friends. I will be reading it again and again it because it was a great story! I love the happy ending!
I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I did! It is clean no sex just a few swear words.

source: publisher for review

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