Monday, May 7, 2012

Traitors Daughter by Lily Dewaruile

Blaentywi, Summer, AD927, in the reign of Hywel Dda

Always despised and humiliated by her relatives, Heledd Ieuan expects worse now that she has come of age. Since her father’s betrayal of his brother, she has been a prisoner of war, held hostage to ensure the good behavior of the survivors among his friends. She has recurring visions of the slaughter of her family, but except the menacing dream of a warrior, no memories remain of her life before her endless labor as a bond servant. Heledd’s skill in the diary has kept her from a life in the warriors’ barracks. Bruises, blisters and aching muscles are small prices to pay to avoid the nightmare of life as a warrior’s whore.
Tifferz Take-
The blurb does not due this book justice. I thought this book was awesome. The story has depth and I liked being swept back  in time. The plot is great. I found the mystery and romance to be different than your normal romance. that is a good thing. Pay attention as Traitor's Daughter gives you the unexpected. The writing and characters Heledd and Garmon were exceptional. At times I wanted to hit Heledd over the head as she was so stubborn and did not see what was right in front of her.  I found myself up after midnight trying to finish this page turning story. But I  had to put the story down as I needed sleep. I finished it the next day and was so happy when everything was  brought to a satisfying ending. I find myself thinking about this story days later.
The a few things that I had a hard time with was that a few times you would be in one location and then in another location and I was not sure how we got to the new location.  The other was some words I had no clue about. I don't like to stop and look words up. It would have been nice to have a list of the words and meanings in the beginning of the book.
This book does contain mild descriptive sex after marriage for those who like to know.
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  1. So pleased you enjoyed Traitor's Daughter and took time to review the book.
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