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Splash in to Summer Giveaway Hop!!!

Welcome to my giveaway! All you need to do is become a follower of my blog with Google Friend Connect (old and new followers welcome) and leave a comment with your  GFC name, email address and if you want a pdf or paperback copy  to enter the giveaway!

One entry per person! This is a giveaway for 1 paperback book US ONLY and 1 ebook in a pdf format.  I will send the winners email to the author for her to mail out the paperback . I will send you an email with your ebook (pdf file) and I will send the author an email with  your address to send you the paperback. When you sign up you agree to these terms. The contest is open and will run till midnight on May 31st and any and all comments after midnight will not be counted. We will have 1 (ebook) winner  and 1 winner for a paperback of In The Spotlight by Liz Bots.  Good Luck...the winners will be picked by two of my three children!


When sixteen year old Hannah Brewster lands the lead in the school musical she hopes it will be the perfect chance to get the attention of her family and her long time crush, Kyle. The only problem is that school super star, Josh Larson, has been cast opposite her, and he seems to like her as more than just a cast mate.

As Hannah and Josh grow closer, things between Hannah and Kyle get complicated. When Hannah realizes that Kyle is not who she thought he was, she also realizes that she just might like Josh as more than just a friend.

Will Hannah and Josh be able to overcome their obstacles and admit their feelings before the musical ends?

Ms. Botts was so great to do this special Guest Post:

A lot of writers talk about how they always wanted to be a writer. As young children they wrote highly imaginative stories that were both awful and precocious at the same time. I, on the other hand, spent my childhood as a reader. The library was my favorite place. Ever.

I started writing in middle school because I needed an outlet. My shyness combined with some severe bullying made me a total introvert. Writing gave me a much needed release of emotions. I journaled. I wrote long stories without plots. Once, in eighth grade, I wrote a musical, sans music, but with lyrics.

In high school I continued writing, took creative writing classes, and journaled my way through math and chemistry. Oops. The writing that I did in college was mainly focused on coursework. I was a history major so I spent a good deal of time writing non-fiction.

After college as I struggled with what I really wanted to do with my life, I toyed with the idea of writing seriously. Over the next few years I dismissed the idea as a flight of fancy, not something I could do as a real pursuit.

Fun fact: I used to run a high school youth group. One of my favorite things about my job was our Wednesday night meetings. Unlike the other times we met, Wednesday nights felt more relaxed. It was during these times that the kids talked about everything and anything.

One night after listening to them talk about musical rehearsals the character of Hannah was born. She grew in my mind over the next few months until I got to the point where I wanted to write her story. I kept finding reasons (read: excuses) not to start, though.

During NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I wrote the first draft of In the Spotlight. The things I experienced during my own days in high school theater, as well as those of my youth group found their way into my book. I found, though, that once I started writing, the book took on a life of its’ own.

A lot of people ask me if I based the character of Grandma on anyone I know. The honest answer is no. She is a figment of my imagination. All of the people in my book are, although there are a few who do remind me of people I know.

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