Thursday, May 10, 2012

Seeds by David Ankrah

If you would like to help children understand some of the benefits of using money wisely from an early age then this is a story that will inspire them…Without actually mentioning the word money until after the story ends, this story is designed to show them some of the choices they have in life when it comes to looking after not only their money, but their friends and family.In fact, you should find that this story has parallels in your life whether you are 6 or 60So find out what happens to Palooko and Greecho as they go through life and one mysterious day an event takes place that would change their lives forever…Zoniye…A wonderful place to live…And that is where our story begins…

Tifferz Take-

I think this is a fun and very important story that children and adults should read. I found the Zoniye people helpful and open to new ideas. I like that the Zoinye people take care of each other and the choices we make today effect tomorrow. Palooko and Greencho make very different choices and we see how they  effect them later in life. Seeds explains  in a basic way how to use money, save and invest money. It also explains in a very simple way about debt. I will be reading this story with my children.

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