Monday, May 14, 2012

The Heir by Tara Manderino

When Amelia stumbles on an amnesiac Sebastian while out gardening, she never suspects the changes the discovery will bring to her comfortable country life, nor the effect it will have on her plans to find a wife for her widowed father. When the household moves to Town, Amelia seizes it as the perfect opportunity to search beyond the small village for a suitable wife for her father, as well as find familiar territory for Sebastian. But as Sebastian regains his memory, he also regains the knowledge that he must keep this information a secret. Claiming his title and estates outright would leave the interloper of his estates free and a much more dangerous than in the past. He must find a way to claim what is his by right, and who he wants for love...

Tifferz Take-
The Heir is a compelling loves story mingled with mystery and  people plotting to kill. Sebastian is has a strong character and sparks fly between him and Amelia. Amelia I love from the get go. She is genuinely a nice caring leading lady! Amelia's father is a hoot! He is really distracted with his experiments that he seems more like a friend than a father at time. Amelia and her father have a good relationship but her father has secrets he is keeping from her. Sebastian is always close when Amelia needs him and takes care of her. I really enjoyed how naive Amelia is and how she misinterprets things. I also love that things get wrapped up for Amelia and her father. I am wondering what happens to Amelia's friend Charlotte (who at times drove me batty at times!) Overall I will be reading this story again! It did contain a few swear words and it is squeaky clean just a bit of kissing!

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