Monday, July 30, 2012

Game of Hearts by Kathryn J. Bain

Deborah Zimmerman’s life is not going well right now. She has to deal with a deadbeat dad, teenagers, financial stress, and a store manager’s glare. The cake that lands on her head isn’t helping any. When she bumps into Brandon Nash, her heart skips a beat. Could this be love at first sight or the signs of a heart attack?

Tifferz Take-
Game of Hearts is a inspiring,sweet, funny romance about Deb who is divorced with three kids. Deb is going through a rough time when she meets Brandon. She is more than a little hesitant with men. Brandon is a really good guy and is just what Deb needs. I was laughing and cheering for Deb and her family the whole time. I loved the mix of friends Deb has and how they all support each other. I also think she nailed the kids.  Ms. Bain creates a real life story that  warmed my soul and left me with happiness in my heart. I also like the cover. This story did not contain any swearing or sex for those who like to know.
Source- publisher for review 
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