Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweet 21 Birthday Ball by J. Adams

When Italian pastry chef, Marcello Giannini took the train to visit his parents, he could never have guess how much this one trip would change the course of his life.

Dominique Jensen has only loved one man her entire life, and she has been unable to open her heart to another. Discouraged, she wonders if the dreams and wishes she has fostered for so long will ever come true.

But how long is too long to wait for love?

Tifferz Take-
I am a fan of J. Adams and it seems each of her books gets better than the last. I really think you can't go wrong with this sweet short story about a love that  grows as they grow older. If you are in the mood for something sweet this will leave you satisfied. It was fun to watch Dominique grow up and Marcello's love change as she did. I loved all the baking involved. Oh and Marcello has a talent for meaningful gifts! The flow of the story was flawless. I hope that Ms. Adams will one day make this a full length novel. Congrats J. Adams on another fantastic read. Loved it and will be reading this many more times.

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