Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guest Post By Bert Auski

It's impossible to ignore the impact of ebooks.

Bookstores are feeling the effects of iPads, Nooks and Kindles. And so are writers.

Rewind 20 years of the publishing industry. If you had aspirations to write, your options were limited to traditional publishing. Many writers toiled in obscurity before hitting it. How many gave it up before that? Most writers enjoy the craft of weaving a story and letting the characters take their places on the stage of their mind. But sharing that experience with readers is part of the joy.

When a manuscript sits in a drawer, the fruit withers.

I'm part of the indie movement. I didn't eschew traditional publishing. They never asked me to join. Twenty years ago, I would have just boarded up the doors and hung a sign in the window.


I've thoroughly enjoyed indie publishing. I've designed the cover and the interior. I've done all the editing. I've done all the marketing.

The downside? I have to design the cover and interior, do all the editing and all the marketing. At least I don't have to share the wealth. What little there is.

Amanda Hocking, indie writer turned traditional, said it best. I just want to write.

But there's options, that's the exciting part. I can't reach a fraction of the audience as an indie writer. But when I do connect with someone, when they tell me I'm their favorite author, when they tell me my story made them cry... it is soooo worth it.

There are indie writers out there making some noise. I hope to add to that.



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