Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To Urn Her Love by By Elaina Lee

Caylie Abrahms bad day gets worse when the teen brother she's responsible for proudly hands her a gift. Just wanting to show how much he appreciates all his sister does for him, Kyle steals what he believes is an ornate glass vase. The gift is anything but however, and now Caylie has to find the owner of an urn. Worst yet, she has to explain her dear brother stole someones loved one.

Against all odds she learns the urn belongs to Rick Marshall, her best friend from college, the man she'd poured her heart out to and been rejected by. She never thought she'd see him again, let alone have to hand him back his father in glass. Will her resolve remain strong in his presence, or will she suffer another broken heart?

Tifferz Take-

To Urn Her Love is a fun romantic story that had me laughing a lot. I think we have all had moments like Caylie in how this story begins. I know I have. Kyle is a teenager with his heart in the right place. I found a ton of humor in how he thinks. Just like a teenager. Bring in Rick who wishes he could undo the past. Oh, and throw in a urn that needs to be returned to Rick with his father inside. Can you say awkward? Yup it was! Great story that I want more of.
An excellent short, sweet romance. It is clean no sex or language.
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