Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stirring Wishes By Tara Manderino


Elise has only one goal in mind: to make this the best possible Christmas for her younger brother, Harry. Lord Richard Stilton likes having his home to himself. The last thing he appreciates is his brother bringing in a frozen waif. Her appearance at his home hasn't changed him -- or has it?

Tifferz Take-

Stirring Wishes is a splendid romance  with a bit of mystery that warmed my heart. Ms. Manderino bakes a story that leaves you full and happy.  I felt the flow of  the story was just the right consistency. This was a clean read no swearing or sex. I found Elise's brother Harry to be quite charming and funny. My heart went out to Elise and her family. I found Michael to be a typical younger brother. I enjoyed the banter between Michael and  Richard. I liked Richard and the fact that he does the right thing and looks out for those he cares about. Overall  Stirring Wishes is a story I will read again and would recommend.

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