Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Long Moon by Stephy Smith

TITLE: The Long Moon Author: Stephy Smith
GENRE: contemporary, western, romance

Carson Long fights to remain free of the swirling emotions a past love instilled in him. Denying his heart access to the long-haired beauty isn't an easy task.

River Moon desperately wants to reclaim the man she lost from one irrational fit of rage. He refuses to give into her request until she and her grandparents lives are threatened.

No matter what she did to him in the past, he couldn’t let her suffering go without helping her. But will he be able to resist the temptations of his past?

Tifferz Take-
This is a fun, sweet contemporary romance set on a farm. If you love handsome cowboy's, stubborn women, cranky old men, greedy sisters and sneaky rustlers then I think you will enjoy this story. I could relate to River about assuming things and jumping to conclusions. I can say I am guilty of doing this on at least one occasion. How about you?
Carson is leery when it come to River. She has hurt him before. So, can River and Carson have a second chance? Can they forgive and forget? You will have to read it to see. But, I can say I was happy how things turn out. Though I did want a little more like a epilogue with them a few years down the road.
One of my favorite part was the story River's father told Carson about how River got her name. I was ginning with how uncomfortable Carson must have been. I am glad to discover a new author and will be on the look out for more from Ms. Smith. This just contains sweet kissing!

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