Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spur of the Moment by Candace Browen Early

Book Description
Best-selling author Bronwyn Chase never quite fit in with the 21st century. On a publicity trip to New York City, a mysterious woman claiming to be a mystic from Bronwyn’s past gives her a silver knight’s spur. Asked to save Euric, a man she never knew existed, Bronwyn finds herself transported to 12th-century Cornwall. Landing at the feet of an entranced Euric, she discovers the instant connection she feels to him comes from a midsummer rite gone horribly awry on the eve of her birth. Forced to face a dark wicce who plans to use Euric for her own nefarious ends, Bronwyn summons her own mystical birthright to free him.

This book not only looks fantastic it is! This is a unique time travel love story that will stick with you. I was awed by the powerful love that Bronwyn and Euric share and the connection they have. I honestly with I could hear my husbands thoughts in my head. That would be so cool! This story is filled with adventure twisted together with many up and downs and the unexpected. This book leaves you with a smile on your face. I found the moment very moving when Bronwyn meets her mother. This story does contain a extremely evil mixed with a hint of crazy villainess. I look forward to Ms. Early's next book as I am sure it will be as extraordinary as this one.
This does contain a handful of swear words and only reference to sex no detail.

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