Thursday, January 5, 2012

Accident waiting to Happen by Trinity Hart

She’s worth more to me dead than alive…

Devastated to learn her fiancé is nothing more than a con artist after her inheritance, Hope Pearson is seeking refuge at the Circle C ranch when her brakes give out, sending her careening into a gully and Caleb McBryde’s life.

Though her lines don’t appear cut, the ex Texas Ranger finds the circumstances surrounding her crash landing in Serenity Cove, Texas highly suspicious. For calamity seems to shadow the woman… One might say she’s An Accident Waiting to Happen.

Tifferz Take-

I really enjoyed this Christian inspired romance/mystery. I enjoyed how Ms. Hart made her characters very real and she tied things up nicely at the end. I like watching Hope grow in her life after the death of her parents. I loved how Caleb just told it how is. He is a straight shooter. He is a straight shooter. I was enjoyed trying to figure out who was after Hope. Ms. Hart wrapped up the story nicely. A great clean story no sex and no language for an afternoon. I will be looking for more reads from Ms. Hart.


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