Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Still Sweet on You by Kat Jones

Tall, tanned, dark, and delicious? More like former fiancé!

The stud-muffin headed in the direction of Claire Water’s newly opened chocolate shop is none other than the doctor she once dated–and he’s rattling the skeletons in her closet every step of the way.

For Claire has a secret—a six-year old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl of a secret—and Burke Harlow has questions. Lots of them, the kind that poke too deep and hit hard too hard, for those pesky old feelings between them aren’t finished yet. Not by a secret baby mile…


Tifferz Take-
I think the cover is so cute and very fitting for this book! This story was just what I needed and the perfect length. I am so busy this Christmas season and it was great to have a yummy, sweet romance to forget about all the things I should be doing. I totally understood why Claire handled things six years earlier. I am also so glad for second chances and forgiveness. Burke was so funny the first time they see each other again. I was laughing so hard at the things coming out of his mouth! Burke is a charming guy and fell for him like Claire. This is a great clean (no sex or swearing) novella and will be reading it again! So, grab a cup of hot cocoa and curl up by a fire and enjoy this read!

Source- From the publisher for review.

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