Monday, December 12, 2011

Her Only Hope by Kat Jones

You never quite know how love will find you…

Peeing. There’s a little boy peeing on his aunt’s front porch and Buck Washington, Sheriff of Hope Springs, Alaska, couldn’t be more shocked. That is, until the kid’s mother silences Buck's steadfast parental advice—with the hose.
Edie Matthews instantly regrets the reckless move. On the run from her abusive husband, Edie has kidnapped her stepson, determined to protect the child from the man she is confident murdered his first wife.

Avoiding Buck is best, but then the infuriating man exacts revenge—with a water gun. Soon, her new neighbor isn’t just asking questions, he’s asking Edie on a date.
Can Edie dare to love again? To trust in a man…and her new identity? Or will her secrets come back to bite them both?

Tifferz Take-

I think this cover is really cute. Now on to the story. This is my first Kate Jones read. I like it. The story was well written and had me wanting to find how things would turn out. The thought the plot was very believable and I feel in love with Reece. I did not like how two married people started a romantic relationship while separated. I know that this happens all the time but it bothered me. I still however had to find out how things ended. So, I may not agree with that. I did finish the story and enjoyed it. If that does not bother you pick up this read! This does reference sex but does not go into detail. I loved how things ended up. I did feel for Edie and the hard choices she was faced with! I love strong women! I will be looking for more from Kat Jones.

This was an arc.

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