Monday, October 3, 2011

Josefina's Sin by Claudia H. Long

JOSEFINA’S SIN is a novel of motherhood, women’s rights, romance and scandal in the Spanish Viceroyal Court of 17th century Mexico. Author Claudia Long is a practicing attorney, and this novel grew out of her research for her Harvard honors thesis on the feminism of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, a Mexican nun and poet of that time who wrote at the risk of persecution by the Spanish Inquisition. Long’s research and passion for this period has enabled her to vividly recreate this world JOSEFINA’S SIN.

Josefina, a young, sheltered, landowner’s wife, is invited by the Marquessa to visit the Spanish Royal Court. Unaware of the social customs of the Court, she finds herself fighting off the aggressive advances of the Marques as well as the judgment coming from the other ladies of the Court. She soon begins to discover a world outside of everything she has known through the provocative, feminist poetry of Sor Juana de la Cruz, as well as an illicit, passionate relationship with the Bishop of Puebla. Through it, Sor Juana de la Cruz becomes Josefina’s mentor and leads her through this treacherous, confusing, and ultimately physically and intellectually fulfilling world

Tifferz Take-

First off I love the cover of this book! I was excited to dive into Josefina's world. I got about a 100 pages in and had to put it down. I had a hard time with how the relationship that Josefina has with a Bishop developed. It became very intimate. (sexually) I know that that stuff happens, but I just don't care for it. So, that was my reason. I thought that Ms.Long did a great job taking the reader back in time. The story flowed very well from the beginning till I stopped. I will try another one of Ms. Long's stories in the future. Just because I did not finish this book does not mean you will not enjoy this story!

This was an arc copy.

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