Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scandal at the Farmhouse by Cody Young

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From the Cover:
Clara never intended to ensnare Ned, she simply wanted to get out of marrying the Major. She asked for a kiss, and got much more. Soon, she is entangled in a web of lies with Ned, and as her feelings grow for him, she's not sure she wants to escape.

Tifferz Take:

Scandal at the Farmhouse is a easy read for a nice escape anytime! I love Cody Young's writing style! This historical romance is one you will not forget! I like that it is a forbidden relationship with some complications. I liked how Clara would speak her mind, I found it to be very refreshing for that time period when it was not done. The story is straight forward no need for a dictionary with this story! This does contain a detailed description of the consummating the marriage. If you don't care for that you can just skim over it. I was happy with this story! I would really love to read Olivia's story. I love it when I discover a new author and I will be looking for more from Cody Young!

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