Thursday, June 9, 2011

Daddy in the Making by Lyn Cote

From the Cover:
Dr. Jake McClure's basset hound has fallen in love. With a single mom, her adorable twins and the orphaned kittens they rescued. Man's best friend suddenly won't budge from Jeannie Broussard's home—and Jake can understand why. Jeannie's place is full of love, laughter and everything Jake has been missing in his life lately. As Jake spends time with Jeannie and her girls, a bond forges between them, and soon Jake is wondering if he's the perfect fit in this fatherless family….

Tifferz Take:

I received an arc copy of Daddy in the Making. I was excited to read this story because it was different. You have Jeannie raising her sister's twin daughters. I really liked that aspect of the story. I also liked that this was not an over powering Christan romance. Lyn did a great job developing the characters and having you care for them. I also enjoyed that these characters were not perfect and had some struggles to overcome. Overall this was a delightful read! This was my first Lyn Cote book and will not be my last.

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