Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mythical Voyage by Robin Ymer

From the Cover:
Ancient lore describes the Unicorn (Ponca) as a fabulous white animal- a mix between a goat and a pony.

When a strange progeny, Bibi, is born to a colony of fantastic unicorn-like creatures that call themselves the Poncas, the colony begin to witness the end of their era. Bibi's destiny is unknown to all including herself, and she and her father embark on a desperate quest to find the answer: What is the mystery of Bibi's existence and what will happen to the Poncas.

Tifferz Take:

I received an arc copy of this book from the author. Mythical Voyage is a enchanting story for all ages. I know I will be reading it again soon to my children and have no doubt they will be drawn into the story like I was. The story is well written and thought out. Mythical Voyage is an easy read about a Unicorn and her finding her place. I loved all the drawings throughout the book. It really made this book extra special great job Robin with all the extra detail. This story has plenty of adventure, humor, and some sadness. Overall a delightful read. I would recommend this read. I will be looking for more from Robin Ymer.

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