Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wretched Land by Mila Komarnisky

From the Cover: Dmytro Verbitsky, an impoverished Ukrainian aristocrat, is actively engaged in the WWI, the Civil War and the WWII. Despite the cruelty of Stalin’s regime, he manages to raise a loving family, avenges his wife’s rape, learns to understand and forgive his father’s suicide, and nurtures hopes for Ukraine’s independence.

Tifferz Take:

I received a arc copy of Wretched Land. I felt the title very appropriate it says so much about story. On the cover of the book it states passionate love, intense suffering and miraculous survival and is so true. You get them all in this story. This is a amazing story with a love that is tested so many ways through war, famine, rape and much more. You may need tissue while reading this story. Wretched Land takes you on a journey through the lives of a forbidden love and marriage. I like that Mila gives us the history of the Ukraine in the story. I learned a thing or two. I read this story in a day, I needed to see how things turned out for our hero and heroine and all the kids. I felt very satisfied when I finished the book. Mila ties up everything every nicely. I always love to find new authors.

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