Friday, March 11, 2011

Guest Post by Graham Parke

Random Acts of Senseless Kindness, Free eBook

Things start to spiral out of control for Gomez when he tries to win back his ex-girlfriend during a very strange New Year's Eve party.

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Graham Parke is responsible for a number of technical publications and has recently patented a self-folding map. He has been described as both a humanitarian and a pathological liar. Convincing evidence to support either allegation has yet to be produced.

No Hope for Gomez! is his fiction debut:

Boy meets girl.
Boy stalks girl.
Girl already has a stalker.
Boy becomes her stalker-stalker.

Random Acts of Senseless Kindness, Excerpt:

The days were starting to meld together again, forming one long, amorphous non-event. But it couldn’t last. It never did. And that very evening something terrible happened.

I waited till five before locking up the store. On my way home, I decided to forgo my usual shortcuts in favor of a more scenic route. I had nothing to go home to, so why hurry?

My new route took me past the canal, where the first paper-thin floes of ice were forming. It took me along a lane where the oak trees were covered with so much powdered snow I felt like I was walking inside a Xmas card. It took me through a suburb where smiling snowmen were beautifully lit by thousands of colored leds.

None of it made me feel any better.

I made a left to circumvent a broken sidewalk.

I crossed a bridge to skip a busy intersection.

I took a right for no other reason than that I felt like it.

And that’s how I ended up at Christine’s place.

Her little suburban hideout was covered in snow. Only a small part of the garden path had been excavated, the rest was still hidden from civilization. The trees I used to hide behind were now giant white monoliths towering over the fuzzy white landscape of her front yard. Pristine virgin snow without footsteps. Christine hadn’t put out any decorations, but a warm glow spilt out into her yard from behind her blinds.

I felt as if I were looking at a former home. A home I’d been rightfully kicked out of.

It got dark, started to snow again. I found myself still standing there, watching her house in thought. The world seemed so peaceful. At some point an undefined shadow moved over her blinds and I mused how, to any other bystander, that wouldn’t mean a thing, but to me it meant that a bright source of light had just captured a passing angel.

I consider going up to Christine’s door and ringing the bell. I thought that if nothing else came of it, if it only served to make her sad or annoyed, it would at least give me a chance to see her again. To hear her voice, to get one last fix of the thrill I felt whenever our eyes met.

I could ring the bell, just to give her a smile and the best wishes for a happy holiday.

What harm would it do?

But I couldn’t get myself to move. Something told me it wouldn’t be right. It would be awkward and uncomfortable and it might just destroy whatever fragile connection still existed between us.

So I stood there, out in the cold, slowly turning into the only sad snowman on the block.

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