Monday, September 20, 2010

Deception by Jaimey Grant

From the Cover:
Miss Aurora Glendenning wants marriage. She wants the security and protection of a man who loves her for herself alone. Only love will allow a man to overlook the glaring mistakes she's made. So she hides her past and her wealth behind an elaborate web of deceit. Levi, Lord Greville needs a fortune. He resolves to marry an heiress and recoup his losses. But when he meets the lovely Miss Glendenning, he can think of no one else. Determined on his course, he forces his mind away from the young woman. But an indiscreet meeting causes a rushed marriage and the revealing of lies too shocking to endure. When Aurora's past makes threatening advances, Levi must choose between love and pride.

Tifferz Take:

I was planning to buy this book but I entered a contest and was a lucky winner! Happy day for me. If I had not won the ebook I would have purchased it! I love the cover and all of Jaimey's other work. The author has not asked me to review this book. I am reviewing Deception because I wanted my readers to know about this book.

I loved this story!! Why? First because it has some character from Jaimey's other books in it and it is fun to revisit them. That being said this book can also be a stand alone book. I love Aurora and Levi's personalities in story, I could relate to them and like watching the relationship grow and develop.
This is a clean romance with a great villain. The flow of the story excellent and I was never bored.
Deception is my new favorite book from Jaimey Grant. I feel Jaimey has grown as an author!! Great work Jaimey and thank you for sharing your stories with us!! I look forward to your next book! You can't go wrong with this read!

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  1. From the beautiful cover, designed by the talented Jaimey Grant, to the characters and story...I have to agree...this book is a must read. Whether you are familiar with the characters from Jaimey's other works (I was not), the story flows flawlessly from beginning to end...and once you begin, you won't want to put it down until you end! Nice review. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Linda! Glad you enjoyed this read!

  3. Hi - Sounds like if was a fun book to read. I love your backround. It's so cute. =D

  4. Hi RaShelle-

    I hope you enjoy reading Deception! Thanks for the comments! I like your profile photo! Super cute!