Thursday, July 8, 2010

Excerpt from Tiger's Voyage by Collen Houck

First I would like to thank Colleen for sending me some quotes from Tiger's Voyage! I am so excited about Tiger's Voyage. If you have not read Tiger's Curse or Tiger's Quest.

You can pick them up here:
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Excerpt From Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck

He patted my arm and after considering a moment, said, “One of my sons once caught a small bird with an injured wing. He longed to care for it and keep it for a pet. One day he brought his bird to me. It was dead and he asked me why this had happened. After questioning him, I found out that the bird had flapped its wings. His care had helped the bird to heal. My son panicked and caught the bird before it flew away. He held it so tightly it suffocated.
“Sometimes, those things that are the most precious to us are taken or leave. The bird may have chosen to stay with my son or may have flown away. Either of those events would have led to a happier conclusion, the bird would have been happy regardless, and even though my son would have been sad about the bird leaving, he would have remembered it with a smile as he thought about it living a good life in the forest. But instead, my son was devastated by the death of his pet and had a very hard time recovering from the experience.”
“So you are saying to let him go.”
“What I’m saying is…you will be happier if he is happy. The bird’s wings could have been clipped and he could have been forced to stay with my son but then my son would never know if the bird would have chosen to stay with him.”

Colleen Houck gave me permission to post the above excerpt from Tiger's Voyage. 

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