Monday, June 7, 2010

Weathered Too Young by Marcia Lynn McClure

Lark Lawrence was alone. In all the world there was no one who cared for her. Still, there were worse things than independence—and Lark had grown quite capable of providing for herself. Nevertheless, as winter loomed, she suddenly found herself with no means by which to afford food and shelter—destitute.

Yet, Tom Evans was a kind and compassionate man. When Lark Lawrence appeared on his porch, without pause he hired her to keep house and cook for himself and his cantankerous elder brother, Slater. And although Tom had befriended Lark first, it would be Slater Evans—handsome, brooding and twelve years Lark’s senior—who would unknowingly abduct her heart.

Still, Lark’s true age (which she when concealed at first meeting the Evans brothers) was not the only truth she had kept from Slater and Tom Evans. Darker secrets lay imprisoned deep within her heart—and her past. However, it is that secrets are made to be found out—and Lark’s secrets revealed would soon couple with the arrival of a woman from Slater’s past to forever shatter her dreams of winning his love—or so it seemed. Would truth and passion mingle to capture Lark the love she’d never dared to hope for?

Tifferz Take:

I am so glad Marcia rewrote this original e-book into a full length novel. I love all the changes she made. This story is so sweet with lots of great kissing! What is not to love? A story with a good looking cowboy and a sweet girl. Marcia developed the characters well and I like how they grew through out the book. I could not help fall in love with the Slater and Lark. If you like great kissing and cowboys then this is a must read. Thanks Marcia for another excellent read.

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  1. This was a great book! I love everything I've read by Marcia!

  2. Kathy-
    I have purchased all her books and love them! You can never go wrong with a book by Marcia Lynn McClure.

  3. I've only got 4 more to go until I've read all of hers. Should be done with 3 of them by midweek and then I have to wait until the end of June when she releases a full length version of Windswept Flame. It will be a good thing when I'm done with them since I only read my first book by her at the end of April. I've been reading way too much the past 6 weeks!

  4. Kathy-

    I am sure you will enjoy the last 4 books you have to read. Marcia's books are great. I did not know that The Windswept Flame was coming out this month!! You just made my day!! I will be picking that one up right away. I don't think you can read too much! I do know Marcia will be coming out with a Pirate book sometime this summer! Wow you have only discovered Marcia six weeks ago and only 4 books to go! That is great!

  5. I did enjoy them. Just now waiting on Windswept Flame & then the pirate one. Have you read anyone else that compares to her books?

  6. Kathy-

    The only other author I would say is similar is Nancy J Parra I have all her historical Romances and love them. Her last couple of books have been Romantic Suspense. I need to get my hands on her lastest one. I hope this helps. I am waiting for Windsept Flame and the Priate book! I just can not get enough of her books. I wish she came out with a new one every month! I can dream right?

  7. Yes once a month would be great! Too bad she can't write as fast as I can read.