Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enna Burning (2nd book in Bayern series)by Shannon Hale

From the Cover:
Enna's life was not meant to be simple. When her brother, Leifer, brings home a mysterious piece of vellum that teaches him how to set fires — without a spark, without flint — Enna cannot decide if this power is one she wants for herself, or something that should be extinguished forever.

And when Bayern, their country, goes to war, the choice becomes nearly unbearable. Enna never imagined that the warm, life-giving energy of a fire could destroy everything she loves, but she must now save herself and Bayern before fire consumes her entirely.

Shannon Hale's new tale is wholly original and spellbinding, a powerful companion to her highly acclaimed first book, the goose girl.

Tifferz Take:
The stuggle that Enna has with trying to control the desires within her can relate to all of us. Over all, it was a fun, easy read and I am glad I own it so I can read it again and again. I like how Shannon Hale can tell a story that is clean! This book isgreat for young adults as well as adults.

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