Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spellbound by Jaimey Grant

From the Cover:

When Raven Emerson, actress extraordinaire, is asked to impersonate a missing noblewoman, she is curious enough to accept despite the risk to herself should she get caught. Delving into the mystery that is her new employer occupies her despite the physical temptation the man represents. Having sworn never to take another protector after the horrifying spectacle she'd made of herself with the last one, this is a challenge of monumental proportions.

Her employer, the elusive Duke of Windhaven, is desperate to make his family think he is happily and properly engaged. Hiring Raven is a means to an end. Falling in love with her merely increases his determination to call the beautiful actress his own. Staging a phony marriage ceremony to satisfy his grandmother helps reveal certain things about Raven that do not add up. Fighting demons from his own past, he convinces her to uphold the charade until he can uncover the secrets of her childhood.

Tifferz Take:
Jaimey Grant has created a great romance with love, mystery and deception that you won't want to put down. Grant does an excellent job with developing the character, plot and dialogue. I did find that when the villain was brought into the story I did get a bit confused. Other than that I really enjoyed this tail and how it ended! ( You should read Betrayal before this, it helps with knowing some of the characters. I will be reading Heartless in the near future! I purchased this book.

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