Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spare Change by Aubrey Mace

From the Cover:
Twenty-three and single, Riley thinks resolutions should be fun, not hard. Just before midnight, she vows to make the easiest resolution ever: save her pennies and at the end of the year, buy something nice for herself. Easy! ...Or is it?
Working at a cancer treatment center can change one's perspective, and before long Riley decides to donate her extra money to cancer research rather than reward herself. At first her resolution is her own secret, but all too soon the nurses figure out her plan, and then things really begin to get out of hand!

As people through the hospital, and then the town, begin to get involved, Riley finds herself at the front of the fund-raising campaign. She also finds herself face-to-face with Paul, the grouchy but cute bank teller. But can she overcome the memory of a failed relationship - and can he do the same? And who is the secret admirer who keeps leaving pennies and notes for her to find?

Tifferz Take-
This was just what I needed a quick sweet feel good book. Nice for a lazy afternoon. I liked the plot about how even doing just a little can really count for a lot. I liked the characters in this story you can relate to them and understand where they are coming from. Spare Change was a super clean book. I purchased this book.

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