Monday, May 10, 2010

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People by Farahad Zama

From the Cover:
When Mr. Ali retires, he thinks he will take it easy. But soon his constant presence in the household starts to drive his wife crazy. She wants him out of her hair. So what does an Indian man with a wealth of common sense do when his retirement becomes too monotonous for him to stand it? Open a marriage bureau, of course!" "Business gets off to a slow start. But soon there is a steady stream of clients to keep Mr. Ali busy. Business becomes so good that he is even forced to hire an assistant, Aruna, a beautiful young woman with a past she'd rather not discuss." "Mr. Ali's clients are as colorful and varied as India itself. There's the man who wants a tall son-in-law because his daughter is short; the divorced woman who is not necessarily over her ex-husband; a salesman who can't seem to sell himself; and a wealthy young doctor for whom no match is ever perfect. Although his clients go away happy, little does Mr. Ali know that his esteemed Aruna hides a tragedy in her past - a misfortune that the bureau might serendipitously be able to fix." Whether it be an arranged match or not, The Marriage Bureau for Rich People examines what constitutes the perfect match. It shows how some people refuse to make compromises, with themselves and with others, when it comes to matters of the heart. Readers will be transported to India - they will smell the sweet mangoes, feel the languid heat - as Farahad Zama's effortless style reveals a country still grappling with the politics of caste, religion, and civil unrest, all the while delivering a page-turning, delightful read.

Tifferz Take:
First I must confess that I've been to India and I've always been facsinated by its culture. This book is fun, entertaining and an interesting first novel. The author gives you a taste of the mix of mordern and traditional India. I look forward to the next novel. I hope the author will futher develop some of the marriages Mr. Ali has already arranged. This is well written and a very clean romance. I purchased this book.

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