Thursday, April 1, 2010

Romeo and Juliet The Pelican Shakespeare

From the Cover:

The magnificent, timeless drama is the world's most famous tale of "star-crossed lovers." The young, unshakable love of Juliet and Romeo defies the feud that divides their families—the Capulets and Montagues—as their desperate need to be together, their secret meetings, and finally their concealed marriage drive them toward tragedy. A masterwork that has long captured the hearts of audiences, this romantic tragedy has become part of the literary heritage of all peoples in all nations.

Tifferz Take:
This is a classic and I enjoyed it. I hightly recommend reading it.
This story is simply heart-wrenching. This edition is great because it has footnotes at the bottom with mordern day english. Everyone should read this at least once. I purchased this book.
You can buy the book here:

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