Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell

From the Cover:
Ramon cannot believe what he has just found in an oyster he's brought up from an underwater cave where the Manta Diablo, the monster devilfish, lurks. Ramond is holding a pearl. Not just any pearl, but the most fabulous gem he or anyone else has ever seen.
But neither sixteen year old Ramon nor his father can foresee the trouble that such a pearl can bring. It will be young Ramon who must stop the monster he has unleashed.

Tifferz Take:
I highly recommend this book. This books gets to the heart of the story very quickly and keeps your attention. It is a super quick read. I am sure my 9 year old daughter would love it! Scott O'Dell has a talent with storytelling. I really liked the monster devilfish he created for this story.
I purchased this book.

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