Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Against the Odds by Jewel Adams

From the Cover-
There was a quiet tenseness in the air, but as the nameless cowboy continued to work, I soon found that my fascination was divided between him and the birth of the foal. I couldn't help noticing the way the muscles of his tanned back rippled and the way his large biceps flexed as he coaxed the new babe out. Never in my life had I ever seen a more sculpted man, not even among the construction workers my friends and I would casually admire as we walked by building sites in downtown Atlanta. When the man turned his head slightly, I could see that his neatly trimmed beard and mustache matched his tousled, thick chestnut brown hair, which was streaked with golden highlights and hung down the back of his neck. He looked to me to be a large man, one that I wouldn't care to encounter in a dark alleyway, but at the same time, I could also picture him on the front of a western novel.

My Take-

This book was a great clean romance. Jewel did a great job developing the characters and the plot of the story.The book had a good pace to it. I never got bored. I look forward to reading more from Jewel Adams. I was asked to review this book by Jewel.

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